The New BC Fibre Force by Schwarzkopf Professional

The New BC Fibre Force.

BC Fibre Force by Schwarzkopf Professional

BC Fibre Force

From April the Hair-Base Salon will be offering our customers a new and exciting product by Schwarzkopf Professional called BC Fibre Force. BC Fibre Force introduces a new dimension of hair repair returning even most eroded hair to its optimal level of force and resilience.

For the first time the formulas with Micronized Hair-Identical Keratins penetrate deeply into the hair architecture to re-cement specifically the Cell-Membrane-Complex, the intercellular bonding cement responsible for strong and resilient hair fibre.

Available in this range:

BC Fibre Force Shampoo
BC Fibre Force Spray Conditioner
BC Fibre Force Rinse Out Conditioner
BC Fibre Force FortifierTreatment
BC Fibre Force Keratin Infusion

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Schwarzkopf Professional Website
Schwarzkopf Professional Facebook Page

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